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New media festivals with projects in the video games medium

There are aplenty of biennials around the world, which are dedicated to or feature new media art projects. Quite a few of them use some part of video game technology. Microsoft's Kinect is a sure favourite, but there are a lot of other video game tools being used by artist. Here I will list a few art festivals which are worth checking out and keeping tabs on for future projects - which just might touch upon gaming. Most festivals offer on-line archives of their prior projects, so even if you missed the event, you can find those interesting experiments up on the web.

Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, FutureEverything is an annual festival of ideas, digital invention, conferences and art projects. They cover a lot of bases, and their focus is new media, new ideas, new connections. As they describe themselves on their official website: "FutureEverything is about innovation in all forms, be it in research, digital media or contemporary arts and music."

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Experimenta is a biennial of media art. Since its first steps in 1986, Experimenta’s mission is to drive the development of contemporary media art. Experimenta has three major operational objectives: commissioning, exhibiting and touring the best of contemporary new media art. These three objectives unite in the realisation of a major international biennial of media art, launched in Melbourne Australia before embarking on a subsequent two-year national and international tour.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the International Digital Art Festival is an international festival, organized by the National Academy of Art. It presents new trends and important achievements in the fields of digital arts to the Bulgarian audience – digital video, interactive performance and installation, net art, sound art and other.

A real treat for the end. If you want to check out just one of these links, do go here, it is mind-blowing in scope and quality. It also has a remarkable amount of content about or closely related to video games. It is an international and on-line community, but it is based in San Francisco. It also returns to Paris, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Seoul, and New York. The Creators Project is a global celebration of art and technology. Founded by a revolutionary partnership between Intel and VICE, The Creators Project supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression.

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