2014 m. vasario 18 d., antradienis

A studio rendering of Sony MDR-7506 headphones

This is a studio rendering of my Sony MDR-7506 headphones. I adore them quite a lot, so this work is an homage and patronage to it and the team behind the creation of these wonderful cans! This product design is so beautiful, I had to model them. The delightful angles, curves, proportions, and neat, subtle tricks, like the different materials of plastic used, shows the dedication of the design team to excellence. 

Furthermore, one of Sony's product line's slogan "make.believe" is so great and delightful, I had to include it in here. I think it quite fits with the... let's say "interesting" subject matter.

Here's a couple of places I accidentally found these (or similar) headphones. First photograph is of Szjerdene live from KEXP studio with Bonobo, the second is of Jodie Foster from the movie "Contact". Also, I noticed Simon Ostrovsky, a veteran VICE reporter, wearing those, too.