My illustrations


Pre-rendered 3D buildings for isometric sci-fi games

A normal mapped low-poly model, loosely based on a Indrės Lelertavičiūtės 'Flesh Eater' concept painting.

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Portrait of my grandfather, done without the use of blueprints, rather 3/4 photographs. MudBox. A quick base to the bust was added on the spot for 3D printing.

A low-poly Steyr AUG A3. 2700 tris. Dif+Spec+Norm.

This is a 3D study of an unkept street corner. This is a kind of a sketch, where I tested out different modelling and texturing techniques and also studied how textures looked in reality.

Low-poly furniture. For a vintage interior project I researched authentic British G-Plan vintage furniture from the 60s and 70s. 


I am a member of the Lithuanian Game Developers Association. I am one of the founders and administrators of the Lithuanian Game Development website www.gamedev.lt

I am a member of an artist collective "1390". You can visit our page here: www.1390.lt

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